What is psychiatric treatment?

I was drawn to psychiatry since it views health through a lens of the whole person: the physical, the mental and the social.

Biological aspects of treatment can include medication to manage symptoms and discussion of lifestyle changes to improve physical wellness, such as exercise and techniques to improve sleep. Sometimes, certain bloodwork or referrals to other specialists is needed.

Psychological aspects of treatment can include

  • education about how people’s minds and brains work, including common reactions to stresses and trauma, and why you can’t “just calm down.”
  • learning skills, such as how to use deep breathing, how to challenge distorted ways of thinking, or how to be present in the moment, often called mindfulness
  • exploring and getting to know the depths of the mind, including automatic assumptions or patterns that have developed
  • understanding more about emotions and how to tolerate distress

When we recognize the influence of the society we live in – both positive and negative – we can be choose how to deal with that influence. Recognizing toxic societal messages helps us distance from those beliefs. Personal relationships can be a wonderful source of support, but many people need help learning how to make use of this support. Many people also find wellness through connecting to the something larger, whether this is nature, volunteer work or a formal religion.

I am furthering my training by studying Jungian psychology. A Jungian approach believes that, just like the body’s natural healing of a wound, we have a natural capacity for mental healing that assists in this process that is maximized when we seek to understand the deepest parts of ourselves. When we know our patterned responses to similar situations, we can choose how we act in those situations. Recording dreams and using creativity can help us understand these patterns within ourselves. This approach facilitates becoming more independent in understanding ourselves over time.

The process of therapy is not always easy or pleasant. Sometimes, we must face unpleasant truths about ourselves and our past. However, depth psychology can lead to true transformation and a fuller, more joyful life. I will support you in that process with compassion and understanding. I approach this in partnership with you – I am the expert in the brain and psyche; you are the expert in you.

Psychiatry in Littleton, CO  and surrounding areas