Should I see a psychiatrist?

Everyone has stress. Everyone has ups and downs. Everyone worries sometimes. However, when these experiences interfere with your ability to do what you need to do or to enjoy life, you may benefit from therapy or medication.

My clients often tell me they cannot stop thinking about distressing events that have happened or what might happen. They cannot connect with their loved ones. They worry or feel sad most of the time. They cannot concentrate on work, or they cannot do what needs to be done around the house.

When this happens, help is available. As a psychiatrist, I provide:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric complaints, including physical and psychiatric components
  • Recommendation, prescription and monitoring of psychiatric medication
  • Talk therapy, including Jungian oriented psychotherapy
  • Assistance with building coping skills using techniques related to mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical therapy

Some people choose to see psychiatrist to be able to address their mental health with only one person rather than having to share personal information with a different therapist and psychiatrist. Others prefer to see a psychiatrist for medication to support the work they are doing with a different psychotherapist. Still others are able to manage their symptoms with only medication and do not feel the need to see a therapist.

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